Composite Curing for Aviation Use

Composite Curing for Aviation Use

State of the art technology to repair composite structures and surfaces in the aviation/aerospace industry view products


Composite Curing  heating blankets - BriskHeat


Today’s aviation & aerospace industry is utilizing the strength and weight benefits of composite materials more and more. Unfortunately damage to these composites often occurs from weather conditions, rocks, bird strikes, military activity, and more. Special equipment and technique is necessary to repair damage or even to make structural alterations and modifications.

Resins and epoxies within the composite material layers often require heat to fully cure. In addition to heat, the application often times requires vacuum pressure to be applied over the repair area to debulk and compact the repair patch per the aircraft manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures.


The portable ACR®3 hot bonder and heating blankets provide a cost effective tool for repairing composite materials with precision and efficiency. The ACR3 hot bonder has a state-of-the-art touch screen user interface that allows for quick and easy ramp & soak programming. The ACR 3 records all pertinent temperature and vacuum pressure data for quality assurance and compliance.

The BriskHeat SR heating blankets are the most durable and flexible heating blankets on the market today. They provide extreme versatility with an impressive operating radius of 0.25 in (6 mm) while maintaining uniform curing temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). For high temperature needs, BriskHeat’s cloth series heaters accommodate up to 1100°F (593°C).

Additional Uses

The ACR3 can be used to record up to 10 temperatures per zone with thermocouples provided even if the vacuum is not used. Use the USB port to download the data and import into Excel for your records.

Key Features & Benefits

  • State-of-the-art touch screen with built-in vacuum system.
  • Flexible, durable, and uniform temperature heating blankets designed and built to fit the application. 
  • Custom sized heaters and accessories for large surface area cures or complex 3D shapes.
  • Standard and custom heaters, including Radome heaters for all the major aircraft models.

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