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Aircraft Infrared NDT Kits

Aircraft Infrared NDT Kits - BriskHeat
Aircraft Infrared NDT Kits

BriskHeat Aircraft Infrared Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Kits are designed specifically to Perform Moisture Intrusion Testing on Elevators and Other Aircraft Components. NDT Kits come standard with compact storage cases, which fit easily within luggage compartments, supplied with Temperature Controller and Heating Blankets designed specifically for your aircraft.

  • The portable and easy heating solution for moisture intrusion testing on elevators and other aircraft components
    • Method B in Airbus Non-destructive Elevator Test Manual 55-20-07, 55-20-08, 55-20-11
      • A300-600
      • A320
      • A330/340
  • Simple-to-operate pre-programmed temperature controller
  • Dual 110/220 volt design - No transformer needed
  • Heating blankets designed for the shape of your aircraft component
    • Durable parallel wired heating elements
    • Two-year warranty

BriskHeat has over 65 years of heating experience

  • Experts in many fields of surface heating
  • Leaders in composite repair technology

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Temperature Controller

  • Universal voltage 100-240 VAC

  • Dual zone will control one individual heater, or two heaters in tandem

  • Automatic and independent temperature control per heater

  • Testing data is easily saved to a USB flash drive (USB flash disk included)

  • Preset locked ramp/soak (slope) temperature

  • Accuracy ± 1°C (1.8°F)

  • End of cycle audible alarm

  • Auto shut-down of heater power at end of cycle

  • Differential ground fault (earth leakage) breakers

  • Ground connection to elevator

  • Visual or audible alarms for: ground fault, temperature limits, & thermocouple failure

  • 13-minute dwell count down timer

  • Additional independent 10-minute test cycle timer, manually triggered

  • Simultaneous reading of both heater blanket thermocouples

  • Cycle will not start if process temperature is above 60°C

  • High temperature process shutdown and alarm at 90°C

  • Easy to handle, wheeled transport and storage case

  • Temperature controller case only 21.7" x 14.1" x 8.9" (551mm x 358mm x 226mm) 25lbs (11kg)

  • Two-year warranty

  • 73/23/EEC (Low Voltage Directive), 89/336/EC (EMC Directive)

Heating Blankets

  • Flexible blankets

  • No seams, all blankets are of a one-piece construction

  • Single plug-n-play connector from the blanket to the controller containing all power and sensor wiring

  • Dual voltage blankets, 110 or 220 volt

  • Power density: 1400 watts/m² (0.9 watts/in²)

  • Two J-type thermocouples built into each blanket(1 primary, 1 spare)

  • All power and sensor wires in a single connector(plug-n-play)

  • Heater blanket is very flexible and durable

  • Heater blanket strain relief is built through the entire edge of the blanket for increase durability

  • Insulating blankets

  • Easy-to-transport storage containers included

  • Heating blanket case size and weight varies by model

  • Includes six 9" non-slip holding clamps

  • Two-year warranty

  • 73/23/EEC   

320BLANKETKIT Airbus A320 Heater Kit
340BLANKETKIT Airbus A340 Heater Kit
300BLANKETKIT Airbus A300 Heater Kit

Configuration Options
NOTE: Selecting Configuration Options limit / refine the available products; to match your selection criteria.

Available Options: Aircraft Infrared NDT Kits

Quantity Price UOM Part Number Type
EA 340BLANKETKIT Airbus A340 Heater Kit
EA 300BLANKETKIT Airbus A300 Heater Kit
EA 320BLANKETKIT Airbus A320 Heater Kit
NOTE: Selecting Configuration Options limit / refine the available products; to match your selection criteria.

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