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Global Agreements


Here at BriskHeat, We Know Heat

BriskHeat manufactures flexible surface heating elements and controls for unlimited applications. Petrochemical, semiconductor, food processing, biotech, aviation, steel, laboratory, power generation and many other industries have found their solution with our heating products.

Our wide range of experience in solving your applications for viscosity control, condensation prevention, process heat, freeze protection, and much more has allowed BriskHeat to become the world-wide leader in flexible surface heat and heat trace applications for piping, vessels, pumps, valves, and many more objects.

We Know Heat- We have been the flexible heating solutions leader since 1949. see BriskHeat Story

We Stay Competitive- Providing the right solution, when you need it, at the best price.

BriskHeat® Corporate Global Agreements help keep your competitive edge by offering a blend of the best of both worlds

Strength of
Corporate Strengths


Consistent Standards

Strength of
Local Strengths



One global partner to synergize local efforts

This synergy is achieved by using a personalized corporate account manager that has total grasp of your situation and a whole team behind him/her ready to take action.

The team makes sure your standards are implemented at each of your locations:

  • Consistent Volume Pricing
  • Quality Standards
  • Standard Shipping Practices
  • Local Technical Services
  • Heating Solutions

A BriskHeat® Corporate Global Agreement allows localized problem-solving successes to be implemented corporate-wide. This avoids time spent "reinventing the wheel"; increasing efficiency.

Focus your time on your core competencies and leave the heating solutions to your global partner, BriskHeat.

Contact us to get the process started towards your BriskHeat® Corporate Global Agreement.