6" Wide Standard Size Aluminum Foil Heaters - BriskHeat

6" Wide Standard Size Aluminum Foil Heaters

6" Wide Standard Size Aluminum Foil Heaters - BriskHeat
Aluminum foil heater 120VAC; 18" Leads bare wire
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Standard size aluminum foil heaters.

  • Self-contained one-piece assembly.
  • A resistant element is laminated between two layers of aluminum foil.
  • These heaters are ideally suited for area and surface heating applications.

Aluminum foil heaters are a popular choice for many applications. Common applications include:

Food Service Equipment: Keeping food at optimum temperatures on service equipment such as buffet tables, warming boxes and cabinets, salad bars, chafers, and others
Laboratory Equipment: To provide heat for apparatus such as chambers, vessels, piping, beakers, test tube heaters, magnetic stirrers, cylinders, and more
Medical Products: To provide heat for items like incubators, blood warmers, in vitro fertilization heaters, surgery beds, biofluid warmers, anesthesia heaters, and more
Automotive Components: To prevent condensation on mirrors and battery warming
Electrical boxes: To protect electronics from cold and prevent condensation
Ceilings and Walls: To provide radiant heat
Heated Tabletops: To provide heat for processes where a heated surface is required
Small Appliances: To provide heat to coffee makers, crock pots, pressure cookers, etc.

Q: Why choose aluminum foil heaters?
A: They are extremely affordable compared to other surface heaters, are easy to install, have a low-profile design, and do not require significant development costs.

Q: How do aluminum foil heaters attach to the object they are heating?
A: You can attach heaters using a built-in adhesive or can mechanically fasten. There is also an option to add a semi-rigid aluminum sheet backing to add durability and assist with the mechanical fastening.

Q: What is the return/repair policy?
A: Warranty is one year and defective products are replaced or credited.

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